Fonts and typography

Our type family is a key part of our personality.

MintTwist’s visual language makes use of a single font family. This enables us to express our brand in a consistent way, while the specific qualities of a font allows us to reflect our brand and personality through the documents we write and the presentations we give in a way that complements our tone of voice and editorial style.


Our primary brand font family is called Barlow.

Barlow is what’s known as a grotesque type of font, which basically (but not exclusively) means it doesn’t have flourishes. The font family is designed to be easy to read at all sizes, as well as stylish with its less-common features, such as the stunted descenders on the lowercase g and the slightly rounded edges.

Headings and headlines

  • Must be bold by default—or extrabold if extra emphasis is needed
  • Should be the same colour as the body copy*
  • Must not have a different background to body copy*

* A designer may choose to flout these conventions in special circumstances.

Lead paragraph

It is good practice to open editorial content with a lead paragraph that summarizes the main points of the piece. This is an example of lead copy.

Our house style uses this paradigm on all appropriate website pages and documents. They are especially important at the top of editorial content and documents with lots of text.

  • Must be larger than the body copy
  • Should be at a lighter weight, usually 300/light

Body copy

This is any text that takes the format of sentences, paragraphs and lists. By and large this should be large enough to read (our web standard is 18 pixels and for documents this should be 12 points).

All copy (including headings) should be in the dark blue 1 colour as outlined on the Colours page. This can be inversed to white on coloured backgrounds, if necessary

If in doubt…

It is of course necessary—occasionally—to circumvent these conventions, but it’s important to involve the creative team in any decisions that are made around exceptions.

Pay attention to what you create

Our brand equity relies on you to be vigilant.

When creating your documents and presentations, pay close attention to the font you are using. When adding elements, check that you are using the correct font, and not a system default.

I cannot stress enough how important this is.