Babies and toddlers
A child up to 12 months can be described as a baby. A toddler is generally aged one or two.
The abbreviation is bac, but the new English baccalaureate is abbreviated to Ebacc
Bank holiday
Not a name, it shouldn’t be capitalised, unless talking about a specific one.
is correctly used when only two parties are involved. If there are more than two parties, use “among”.
Biannual vs biennial
Biannual means twice a year, while biennial means every two years.
means one thousand million. Spell out the word except when using it with values (eg: £8bn)
Bits and bytes
Storage and memory is measured in bytes; data transfer is measured in bits. B = byte. b = bit.
Black, in the
Avoid. It means in profit in the UK, but the opposite in some other countries.
Blond vs blonde
Our style is to spell it blond whether the subject is male or female. Try to say “blond man” or ”blond woman”.
Book and film titles
When writing book and film titles, use initial capitals with link words in lower case (eg: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. It’s also good practice to italicise the title.
Brackets, square
Use these to show interpolations within quotations. Eg Winston explained: “one will simply be unpersoned by the Ministry [of Truth] if one disobeys”