Brand and style

Out of date: please refer instead to the Finn Partners brand box.

Our story

MintTwist was built by first-generation internet users, tinkerers and creatives. What was curiosity for the great digital unknown turned into passion to learn, build and bring others on the journey with us.

MintTwist’s teams have since grown into a diverse group of digital experts, each with a passion and an expertise his or her own but all with a vision that puts our clients first by expertly crafting bolder, bigger and more memorable experiences. We believe thinking differently allows us to inspire those around us, with a no-bullshit approach to everything we do and say.

Our mission

To make our clients as passionate about their digital products as we are by crafting memorable experiences for them and their customers.

Brand vision

To be the most sought-after and expert team of creatives, marketers and techs for some of the most amazing international brands.

Our purposes

  • Create high-quality products
  • Guide our clients to help them achieve their goals
  • Create and execute effective digital campaigns
  • Use our varied knowledge and skills for good

Our values

Be trustworthy

Trust is our foundation, and we stand out by being honest and open with our clients because it helps us to forge lasting, meaningful relationships

Be creative

Creativity is in the DNA of everything we do; we are creative at heart and our goal is to be a powerhouse of memorable experiences

Don’t bullshit

Our industry can be overly complex, so we aim to work and speak in a way that makes everything completely clear and free from bullshit